I Love A Mystery

Plot Holes

I love a mystery, but I HATE plot holes with a passion. Plot holes are things that happen in a story which doesn’t follow the storyline or which just don’t make sense. For instance, in a young adult story I read, the narrator talks about being immediate best friends with the neighbor from the day they met. If the reader does the math on their ages, however, the neighbor was 2 years old and the narrator was 6 when they met. That makes for a dubious “friends at first sight” story.

Memoirs/Biographies can also have “plot holes.” For that kind of story, missing facts cause the story to seem far fetch or unrealistic. When listening to Hieu’s story for the first time, I found two really big mysteries, which, if they remain unsolved, will cause plot holes in the memoir.

Mystery Number 1 Involves Hieu’s Mom

Mystery Number 1: Some things in Hieu’s stories about his mom didn’t make sense. I kept saying, “But what about this?” “What about this?” The story didn’t make sense without the answers to these questions. Through research and drawing logical conclusions, Hieu and I have figured out the answers to the “Mysteries of Hieu’s Mom.” When we are closer to publication, we may reveal the mysteries, but to find the answers, you will have to read Hieu’s book.


Mystery Number 2: This one is a bigger and tougher mystery. It involves Hieu’s dad. As we are writing Hieu’s memoir, we are going to do research to solve this mystery. I hope you will subscribe to this blog and join our Facebook group as we reveal the mystery to you and take you along with us to solve it.